Applying biosolids and other urban residuals to urban lands is cost-effective and of beneficial use. Biosolids and organic residuals may improve the quality of urban soils by adding organic matter and nutrients, and thus improving establishment, growth, health, and longevity of plants in these soils. Cities may be reluctant to integrate use of these materials into their day to day operations due to required changes in residuals management (separate collection and treatment of residuals to meet regulatory requirements for unrestricted use) and the public stigma associated with residuals use. This session will include a keynote speaker to provide a state of the science overview of biosolids and other residual application to urban lands. New research on the range of potential end uses for these materials in urban environments and responses to biosolids and other amendments will be presented. The session will also include socioeconomic topics relating to the production techniques and costs, as well as, communication, marketing and branding issues with biosolids and other residuals.

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3 hours
Applying Biosolids and Other Urban Residuals to Urban Lands, Part 1
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Andy I. Bary   [ view bio ]
Nicholas Bero   [ view bio ]
Adam Boyd   [ view bio ]
Joshua Daniel   [ view bio ]
Sally D. Logsdon   [ view bio ]
Michael L. Mashtare Jr.   [ view bio ]
Bryant Scharenbroch   [ view bio ]
Charles J. Schmid   [ view bio ]
Applying Biosolids and Other Urban Residuals to Urban Lands, Part 2
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