Nitrogen is a major limiting nutrient for crop production. As a result, substantial amounts of N fertilizers have been applied to sustain and/or increase yields. This has also resulted in major environmental consequences, such as N leaching in the groundwater and emission of N2O. Agricultural practices contribute about 70% of the global N2O emission. This session will discuss agricultural management options, such as N fertilization, cover cropping, crop rotation, fallow management, tillage, etc. that reduce N fertilization rates to crops and greenhouse gas emissions, increase N-use efficiency reducing N losses via emission or leaching, and sustain crop yields and quality. 

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1 hour, 35 minutes
Agricultural Practices to Improve NUE and Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emission
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Leonardo M. Bastos   [ view bio ]
Brian Davis   [ view bio ]
Patrick J. Forrestal   [ view bio ]
Donald A. Horneck   [ view bio ]
John S. Kruse   [ view bio ]
Maria Tenuta   [ view bio ]
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