Improvement of nutrient stewardship at the farm-gate needs to start with farmers learning more about the dynamics of soil plant-available N in relationship to N source, rate, time and placement within their field using their practices and collecting their data. We refer to this method of learning as On-Farm Discovery. Our webinar will focus on what ag industry and farmers need to do as a partnership to learn the 4Rs of nitrogen management for each farming enterprise.   Various tools will be discussed that can be utilized to explore and learn more about Minimizing environmental impact by Optimizing harvest yield and Maximizing N utilization. It is all about focusing on M.O.M.

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Speaker Information:
Howard Brown
Director of Nutrient Management and Environmental Stewardship 

Howard Brown is on a mission to help improve environmental stewardship by working with the GROWMARK System of member cooperatives and divisions, and by working with other organizations focused on nutrient stewardship at the farm gate. It is all about a focus on M.O.M: Minimizing environmental impact by Optimizing harvest yield, and Maximizing input utilization. He works with member cooperatives and subsidiaries in five states and the province of Ontario, Canada promoting nutrient stewardship. 

Dr. Brown received his B.S. Degree from Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL), his M.S. Degree from Purdue University (Lafayette, IN), and his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois (Urbana, IL). He has served production agriculture in various positions throughout his career. He has served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois for the past 15 years instructing courses, such as Soil Fertility in Cropping Systems and Nutrient Management and Environmental Stewardship in the Off-Campus Masters Program. Dr. Brown is a Past Chair of the International Certified Crop Adviser Board and serves on many other advisory groups and committees involved in agriculture production and nutrient stewardship. 

Dan Schaefer 
Director of Nutrient Stewardship 
Illinois Council on Best Management Practices 

Dan Schaefer was born and raised on a small farm in Crittenden Twp, Champaign Co, Illinois. He has had a lifelong involvement with agriculture on both the production and supply side. He is a Certified Professional Agronomist and Certified Crop Adviser in Illinois, and has an MS degree in Crop Science from the University of Illinois. Because of his close proximity to the University of Illinois, Dan participates in, and has originated, several farm-level research projects. The projects deal with strip-till and deep placement of P & K, phosphorus stratification and crop nutrient removal, nitrogen rate studies, and a systems approach nitrogen management. In January 2012, after 31 years in the retail ag supply business Dan joined the Illinois Council on Best Management Practices (ICBMP) as the Director of Nutrient Stewardship, working mostly in eight, Illinois EPA, targeted watersheds. His job is to promote nutrient best management practices to retail fertilizer dealers, and have them make the recommendations to the farmers. The goal of ICBMP to Minimize Environmental Impact, Optimize Harvest Yield and Maximize Input Utilization.

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December 01, 2014 1:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
Improved Nitrogen Stewardship from the Bottom Up
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Dr. Howard Brown   [ view bio ]
Dan Schaefer   [ view bio ]
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