Modern irrigation systems offer large increases in crop water productivity compared with rainfed or gravity irrigation, but require different management approaches to achieve this. Flood, sprinkler, LEPA, and subsurface drip irrigation methods vary widely in water application efficiency, from about 60 to 95% of the applied water that reaches and remains in the plant root zone. This webinar will acquaint CCAs with the principles, components and efficiencies of the most common irrigation technologies, and the advantages, disadvantages and best uses of each. Further, the webinar will address how irrigation may be managed to adjust for decreasing pumping rates and changes in water quality.

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February 16, 2015 1:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
Crop Water Productivity and Irrigation Management
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Dr. Paul Colaizzi   [ view bio ]
Dr. Daniele Zaccaria   [ view bio ]
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American Society of Agronomy
Soil and Water Management : 1.00
Soil Science Society of America
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