This webinar introduces a new American Society of Agronomy series that focuses on GMOs, Genetically Modified Organisms. In some commodity crops in the USA, more than 80% of the production has at least one GMO trait.

Consumers are concerned about the potential risks associated with using and/or eating GMO products.
Is there a way to find a rational path between actual risks and wholesale fear mongering?
Do we even need GMO plants? What is the purpose?
When a friend, family member, coworker, or customer asks you, what do you tell them?
Will consumer attitudes and choices affect the farmer, crop advisor, or farm product supplies company?

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Speaker Information:
Dr. Clay Robinson, PhD, CPSS, Education Manager
American Society of Agronomy, Soil Science Society of America

Clay Robinson earned BS and MS degrees from West Texas State University, with a concentration in plant science/agronomy, and a PhD in Soils from Iowa State University. He is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist and former professor who taught soil science and agronomy courses at two universities from 1992 to 2011. He worked for an environmental consulting firm before becoming the Agronomy and Soil Science Education Manager for the American Society of Agronomy and Soil Science Society of America in early 2014. He is now responsible for developing and coordinating continuing education materials for the certification programs. Clay often talked to producer groups about soil and water conservation, irrigation management, and nitrogen and phosphorus management in dryland and irrigated production systems. He also provided an introduction to soils for urban gardeners every year, and talked with more than 20,000 middle school children about the importance of soil and taking care of it so they would not be hungry, naked, homeless, and breathless.

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Seminar Date:
June 03, 2015
What Makes GMOs Different? Why the Fuss?
Speaker Information
Dr. Clay Robinson PhD, CPSS  [ view bio ]
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