This webinar will provide practical examples of how to utilize soil tests, crop selection, soil and weather conditions, environmental considerations, economic factors and nutrient credits from previous management to determine appropriate N, P, and K application rates.

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Dr. John Grove, Professor - Plant and Soil Sciences Department
University of Kentucky

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Dr. John Grove is Professor of Agronomic Soil Science at the University of Kentucky, responsible for teaching nutrient management at both undergraduate and graduate levels and world food issues in the Honors Program. His research interests are in the management of the chemical and physical properties of soils under grain production. Field research involves inorganic/organic source nutrient management (rate, timing, placement); crop species and tillage rotation; and particularly the no-tillage crop establishment/soil management system. That work includes evaluation of spatial and temporal dynamics in nutrient cycling and crop nutrition to give improved nutrient management with greater sustainability and minimal adverse impacts on water quality. Dr. Grove has directed/co-directed more than 28 graduate students (13 Ph.D., 15 M.S.) to completion.

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June 25, 2015
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Dr. John Grove   [ view bio ]
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