Agronomy Basics is an introductory crops and soils course. Upon completion the learner should have a fundamental knowledge of soil and water, nutrient management, pest management, and crop management.  Topics include basic soil physical and biological characteristics, resource conservation, irrigation, drainage, water quality, soil and tissue analysis and interpretation, fertilizers and other nutrient sources, soil pH and liming, pest identification, sampling, and management, cropping systems, planting practices, crop growth and development, harvest, storage, and managing production risk, among many others.

The course was taught using distance education technology, but a variety of practical examples and case situations were woven into content delivery to maximize understanding and its application in the field. Whether you are personally involved in production agriculture, advising farmers as an agricultural retailer or consultant, a representative for an agricultural business or government agency, or just looking to build your expertise, this course will cover topics that should be of direct interest to you.

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January 29, 2014
Agronomy Basics - Lesson 1
Agronomy Basics - Lesson 2
Agronomy Basics - Lesson 3
Agronomy Basics - Lesson 4
Agronomy Basics - Lesson 5
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Soil Science Society of America
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American Society of Agronomy
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Soil and Water Management : 1.50
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Crop Management : 3.00
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