Vegetative treatment systems (VTS) offer animal producers an alternative to large holding ponds for treating runoff from open lot systems.  The VTS is designed with the purpose of treating nutrients in the runoff, but runoff from cattle feedlots may also include fecal indicator microorganisms, pathogens, and pharmaceutical compounds.  How these particular constituents break down, accumulate, or move within the VTS is only now being determined.  This webinar will present the results from a three year study at a VTS site in central Nebraska receiving feedlot runoff.

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Dr. Dan Miller
Research Scientist

Speaker Bio:  Dr. Dan Miller grew up on a small farm near Kansas City and became interested in environmental chemistry and microbiology during his undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas.  In graduate school at Cornell University and afterword in a postdoctoral position with the US Geological Survey, Dr. Miller researched microbes and their impact on gas fluxes and ground water contamination.  Dr. Miller joined the USDA in 1998 and has worked at Clay Center’s Meat Animal Research Center and in the Agroecosystem Management Research Unit in Lincoln, NE where he studies a variety of manure-associated environmental issues including gas and odor emissions, nutrient transformation and losses, and the potential for antibiotics in manure to affect soil processes.

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September 03, 2015
Vegetative Treatment Systems
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Dr. Dan Miller   [ view bio ]
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