The interest in applications of UAVs in agriculture remains high, though many questions remain to be answered. This webinar will acquaint the CCA with the basic FAA regulations regarding UAV use, basics types used for agriculture, necessary activities before, during and after flights, and what manned aviation principles are applicable to unmanned applications. An agronomist will provide a personal perspective on using UAVs and present some basic applications for which he has used it in the field.

CEUs: CCA/CPAg:  1.0 Crop Management
CPSS/CPSC:  1.0 Professional Meeting

Speakers Information:
Chris Boomsma
Managing Director of Automated Field Phenotyping and Trait Development
Purdue University

Dr. Christopher Boomsma is the Managing Director of Automated Field Phenotyping and Trait Development at Purdue University.  In this role, he manages an inter-disciplinary, multi-institution field phenotyping research effort that involves, but is not limited to, the design, testing, and safe use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for the measurement of plant traits using advanced sensor technology.  Prior to this role, he held a number of positions at Dow AgroSciences including Agronomic Traits Product Characterization Leader, Area of Adaptation Development Leader, and Research Crop Physiologist and Product Development Agronomist.  He has a Ph.D. in Crop Physiology and Cropping Systems from Purdue University and a B.A. in Plant Science from Dordt College.

Juan Cantu
Innovative AgriVision, LLC

Juan Cantu is from a small farming/ranching community near Lubbock, TX. He has a B.S. in Agriculture from West Texas A&M University. His interest in precision agriculture grew while working at John Deere dealerships, and in the Integrated Solutions/Ag Management Solutions department. He became interested enough in the use of UAVs as another tool in precision agriculture toolbox that he started Innovative AgriVision, LLC in 2015. He uses UAVs to help identify problem areas in the field and uses NDVI imagery to diagnose the problems with the farmers/agronomists. He obtained the 233 Exemption in November 2015, and the COA was granted in January 2016. He gives demos to producers and agronomists, demonstrating the uses and potentials for UAVs in precision agriculture. Juan is working on a master’s degree with a concentration in Plant and Soil Science at Texas Tech University. He enjoys introducing new technology that will benefit growers, and doing the research to understand how that technology works. 2016 will be the first complete year Innovative AgriVision LLC will have, and hoping for a successful farming season using UAV technology.

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Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
February 10, 2016
UAVs in Crop Agriculture - Practical Applications and Lessons from Manned Aviation
Speaker Information
Chris Boomsma   [ view bio ]
Juan Cantu   [ view bio ]
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