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So you can collect more data? Is it relevant? Is it meaningful? Is it useful or just a marketing tool to show you are more innovative than your competition?  Remote sensing is not a new technology, but the sensor technology is developing more rapidly than research can determine what the sensor readings represent.

This webinar will build on the previous UAV webinar in February, going beyond FAA regulations, and an agronomist's early use of UAVs. The CCA will learn about the comparative benefits of low-elevation airplane imagery, satellite imagery, and UAV imagery, the types of sensors and the types of data they can collect, why sensor platforms may be use-specific, and what is required to interpret the maps generated. It will provide perspectives on why researchers are often reluctant to endorse certain technologies that are being marketed and sometimes widely used in the industry.

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Nathan Stein
Ag Solutions Manager

Nathan is a senseFly Application Engineer dedicated to solutions in agriculture.  Past work in precision agriculture, aerial imagery and data analysis brought him to senseFly. He grew up on a family farm in north-central Iowa raising corn/soybeans and is still actively engaged in the operation.  His team he has pioneered the “drone-to-tractor” workflow, enabling farmers & agronomists to utilize imagery to make prescriptions - which export to leading brands of sprayers, fertilizer applicators and planters. His efforts continue in developing  new workflows that help agriculture professionals optimize the work they do.   

Nathan currently serves as chair of the Remote Sensing Workgroup for the AgGateway organization. He has been a speaker and on panels at several events, educational presentations and other meetings throughout the U.S.  Working in several states and countries he promotes a vision of informed agronomy, using UAV’s and other connected devices to create solutions to some of agriculture’s most demanding issues.

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March 09, 2016
Remote Sensing - The Present and The Promise
Speaker Information
Nathan Stein   [ view bio ]
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