Potato diseases account for a significant portion of crop production costs and yield losses each year. A broad range of plant pathogens can impact quality and yield of potato plants both in the field and post-harvest in transit or storage. For some chronic diseases, fungicides are essential to protect yield and quality. Growers, now more than ever, have an increasing number of biopesticide options available to integrate into their overall disease management programs. Understanding the modes of action of biopesticides is critical in making such products work for successful disease management. This presentation will address some of the basics of biopesticides including product categories, modes of action, and efficacy as they pertain to conventional potato systems.

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Amanda Gevens, PhD
Assistant Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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November 01, 2015
Managing Diseases with Biopesticides in Potato Production
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Amanda Gevens PhD   [ view bio ]
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