An American Society of Agronomy webinar sponsored by Falcon Soil Technology.

This webinar will address the differences in soil sampling strategies that lead to collecting representative soil samples, including whole field, directed, grid, zone, and sub-zone methods, issues associated with sampling frequency. It also will provide information to help the CCA select the appropriate sampling regime to support their management scheme for providing sound advice to the farmers they serve.

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Dr. David W. Franzen
Professor Soil Science and Extension Soil Specialist
North Dakota State University

Dr. David Franzen has a BS in forestry and MS in soils from the University of Illinois. He worked for 18 years as an agronomist/manager of a string of retail fertilizer locations in Illinois, that included its own soil testing laboratory and custom soil sampling service to other retailers and bank managers.

He completed his PhD in soils at the Univ Illinois in 1993, where he helped develop a grid sampling approach for site-specific nutrient management while working. He then helped develop the zone sampling approach for site-specific nutrient management, particularly for nitrogen from 1994-2004, and from 2000-2016 worked to improve fertility recommendations for wheat, corn, sunflower and other crops to be compatible with site-specific nutrient management. He has developed active-optical sensor algorithms for use in directing in-season N application to corn, and currently is working to develop algorithms for wheat, sunflower and sugar beets. He is currently a professor of soil science and extension soil specialist.

Dr. Harold F. Reetz, Jr.
Ph.D. - CPAg - CCA
Reetz Agronomics, LLC

Dr. Harold Reetz, Jr. is a CCA and CPAg, and has degrees in Agronomy from the Univ or Illinois, and Crop Physiology and Ecology from Purdue, completing his PhD in 1976. He has worked for Purdue University, the International Plant Nutrition Institute, and has worked with Argonne National Laboratory and the Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition, and has experience in bringing precision nutrient management to several countries in South America. In 2010, he started Reetz Agronomics, providing a broad range of agronomic consulting services. He provides CCA training, and is in demand as a speaker on cropping systems, precision agriculture, conservation systems, drainage management, on-farm research, among others. He is a consultant with CTIC on the Indian Creek Watershed Project in Livingston County, IL. He also contributed to the development of the 4Rs Nutrient Management Specialist credential for the CCA program.

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Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
July 12, 2016
Probe to Prescription-Successful Soil Sampling in a "Big Data" World
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Dr. David W. Franzen   [ view bio ]
Dr. Harold F. Reetz Jr.   [ view bio ]
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