Insect damage costs agriculture millions of dollars yearly. Insects are common in crop production and there many products, both engineered and external, for their management. How do these organisms continue to adapt to our management options? This webinar will look into how insects are adapting to resist current management strategies. This webinar is also a review for the resistance management specialty exam.

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Speaker Information:
Dr. Adam Varenhorst
Entomolgy Specialist
South Dakota State University

Growing up on a farm in northwest Iowa, Dr. Varenhorst spent time scouting his family’s fields for pests and understands the impact pest issues can have on a grower’s bottom-line. In 2015, he was named, South Dakota State University Entomology Specialist where he can focus his career on helping growers protect their crops and livelihoods from pests. Varenhorst received a master’s and doctorate degree in entomology from Iowa State University in Ames. He focused his research on the management of soybean aphids by using selective insecticides and host plant resistance.

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Seminar Date:
January 18, 2017
Belligerent Bugs - How Resistance Affects Insect Management
Speaker Information
Dr. Adam Varenhorst   [ view bio ]
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