Pest Resistance Management Webinar Series

Pest resistance (fungus, pathogen, insect, weeds) is a huge issue in agriculture. Companies spend millions on developing products to manage each of these pests, yet they continue to adapt to these new products over time. What can we learn about the pathways of resistance that can help us manage pests? This series is also meant as a review for the CCA resistance management specialty exam.

CCA/CPAg:  1.0 Integrated Pest Management each webinar
CPSS/CPSC:  1.0 Professional Meeting each webinar

**The Growing for Tomorrow - How Weed Resistance Management Can Lead to Sustainability webinar is sponsored by BASF and is free to members and certified professionals only.  The webinar series pricing has been discounted for members and certified professionals because of this sponsorship.

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Path of Resistance - How Resistance Affects Pathogen and Fungi ManagementStreaming
Belligerent Bugs - How Resistance Affects Insect ManagementStreaming
Growing for Tomorrow - How Weed Resistance Management Can Lead to SustainabilityStreaming